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From the USA directly to your home

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With Big Box USA you import safely and easily, in addition to not paying US tax (Sales Tax)


By registering with Big Box USA you will receive a suite code for free at our address so that you can shop at your favorite stores. When we receive your purchases, we will register it in your account so you can request shipping to the desired address.

Assisted purchase

Through our assisted purchase service we will make the purchase for you.


We also have our Store where we offer some products with excellent conditions for our customers.


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Sign up for free and receive your address to shop with no taxes at US stores.


Make your purchases online at the stores of your choice with 0% Sales Tax using the address associated with your account. If you prefer, we offer Assisted Purchase.


When we receive your package we will register it in your suite.


Request the shipping service using one of the our available freight options and We will prepare your package and ship to your address in any of the more than 220 countries and territories.


Check below some of the advantages of using our services for your purchases in the USA.

Free Storage

Received packages have up to 120 days of free storage so you can make your purchases with peace of mind.


You can make purchases in several stores and make a single shipment to your address, saving even more on shipping.


All packages received are registered with a photo in your suite, and in Full accounts, in addition to the package, items from the package received are also registered free of charge.

Tax Free

As our warehouse is located in Delaware your purchases are exempt from "sale tax" so you save up to 12.5% on your purchases compared to other US addresses.


We offer the most affordable shipping costs on the market due to our discounted shipping rates.

No Monthly Fees

We do not charge monthly fees or subscription fees, you will have access to your suite for free and only pay for your shipments.



Most Popular

The 'Light' account has the most affordable shipping costs. The packages received will be registered in your account and you will be able to request the shipping of one or more packages.

  • No Monthly Fees
  • Free Repacking
  • Free Received Package Picture
  • Free Consolidation
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The 'Full' account is our most complete service where, in addition to registering the packages received, the items in the packages will also be registered and shipments can be made with 1 or more items.

  • No Monthly Fees
  • Free Repacking
  • Free Received Package Picture
  • Free Consolidation
  • Free items Picture
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Products ready for delivery direct from the USA to your doorstep.


Simulate our shipping costs below.


Select to include package dimensions in the simulation.


USPS is the official US postal service and provides shipping options to over 180 countries. USPS shipping options are: First-Class Package International, IPA, Priority Mail International, and Priority Mail Express International.
DHL Express is a courier company and is considered one of the global leaders in fast and reliable shipping and offers shipments to over 220 countries.
UPS offers courier service for both domestic shipments and more than 220 countries and territories. For domestic shipments UPS services are: Ground, 3 Day Select and Next Day Air Saver. For international shipments we have the following services: Expedite and Saver.
Fedex is a courier company and offers express shipments to over 220 countries.
Correios Packet is the direct contracting service for distributing parcels in Brazil, which includes receipt in Brazil, customs clearance and home distribution.
This service is available for shipments to Brazil and is done in partnership with the Swedish Post Office.


Watch the presentation video of our service!


By registering on our website you will receive a unique suite number associated with our address and which must be used in all your purchases. This address can be found on the homepage when logging in.

No. Many vendors do not ship to mailboxes (PO BOX) just as ups, dhl and FEDEX do not make deliveries in mailboxes. Our address is a commercial building with employees on business hours from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday to receive the packages The suite number is how we identify your package shipped to our address.

We do not charge registration fee or monthly fee.

We offer Package Forwarding and Personal Shopper (online and physical) services.

For international shipments via USPS the value depends on the type of your account, shipping weight and destination and for other shipping methods or for shipments within the U.S. the value also depends on the size of the package.

You can simulate shipping costs using our simulator on our homepage.

The Customs Declaration is your responsibility and should contain the items on the packaging. The declaration amount will be used for optional insurance.

If you wish We can remove the invoice. This is one of the options that can be requested when creating your shipment.

Insurance is optional and can be purchased when creating the shipping request. The cost of insurance is $3 for every $100 or fraction declared.

Yes, these are the limits applied by the USPS and can be viewed directly on the USPS website

No, you do not need to notify us of your purchase, We'll dentify your purchases through your suite number.

We identify your purchases through your suite number that is provided in the register.

All packages received have a free storage term of 120 days if you wish to extend the storage the daily rate amount is $0.05 for every 200 in³ or fraction.

Yes, but you should not use for other purposes such as using address for issuing documents, opening accounts in banks or financial institutions, opening business, etc.

We use USPS, UPS, Fedex and DHL services, check the pricing simulator to find out what options are available.

Contact us about your requests.

Approved account are accounts that do not have the $100 monthly limit for use on our website and that can use all payment methods available for the assisted purchase service. To have your account approved you must send us the following documents:

  • 2 documents with photo (ID,DL, Passport etc.);
  • 1 recent address voucher

It is recommended that you use the phone number linked to the payment method used because many stores use this information to approve the purchase, but if the store requires a U.S. phone number we recommend that you use some telephony service via internet that provides a phone number where calls can be redirected to your number because stores may need to contact you, or in last case you can use our number that is provided along with our address.

Service suggestions for phone number:

Your account may have been blocked for security reasons or on suspicion of fraud such as the use of a third-party credit card or Paypal account, which differs from the data you enter, or we may have received any fraud complaints from any seller to your account. If your account has been blocked please wait for our contact where we will request proof of some information.

We will pay a commission for all shipments made during the first two years of customers who register on our website using your referral link and the amount of the commission will depend on the type of customer's account and the shipping weight:

Indicated Customer with "Full" account:

  • Shipments of up to 4lbs - $0.75;
  • Shipments between 4 and 8Lbs - $1.50;
  • Shipments between 8 and 12Lbs - $2.25;
  • Shipments above 12lbs - $3.60;

Indicated Customer with "Light" account:

  • Shipments of up to 4lbs - $0.50;
  • Shipments between 4 and 8Lbs - $1.00;
  • Shipments between 8 and 12Lbs - $1.50;
  • Shipments above 12lbs - $2.00;

No, there are beyond size and weight limit restrictions there are legal restrictions on products that are prohibited from shipping:

  • Currency;
  • Firearms, ammunition and weapon parts;
  •  Items that require refrigeration;
  • Flammable and explosive;
  • Perishable foods;
  • Aerosols;
  • Air Bags;
  • Alcoholic Beverages;
  • Animal Skins;
  • Live Animals;
  • Human remains;
  • Plants or animals;
  • Diamonds;
  • Ivory;
  • Controlled drugs or substances;
  • Cigars / Tobacco;
  • Electronics or equipment requiring ECCN (Export Classification Control);
  • Any item prohibited by U.S. or destination country laws;
  • Prohibited or limited products by the selected shipping company.


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Packages Received

I would like to thank you for the promptness in sending my package. You are very efficient, and I enjoyed working with you. Congratulations to the Bigboxusa team, 100% reliable. I received my package clean and organized in Angola. I wish you continued success.

Abel Domingos

You guys are amazing. Congratulations on your great work